Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a game developed by PopCap Games. It was first released in 2009 for Windows and Mac users. Because of its popularity, it was also made available on mobile devices, Playstation and online. This is a tower defense game in which you need to protect your house from being invaded by the zombies who will eat your brains. The plants are your heroes in this app.

Basic Gameplay

Zombies love eating brains. Prevent hordes of zombies from entering your house by laying different kinds of plants along the way. The first setting will be on your front lawn. Then it will change on the other levels to include other parts of the house including the roof and pool. There are slots on top of the screen where you can store specific plants. Collect the suns that fall on the screen by clicking or tapping on them. You will need them to use the plants as certain numbers of suns are needed before they can be used. Coins will also be available as the game progresses. Collect them as they can be used in upgrading your plants, slots and other items on the game. There are various game modes available including adventure, mini-games, puzzle and survival. Only the Adventure mode is available when you first play the game. Once you reached certain levels, the other modes will be unlocked.

Adventure Mode

There are 5 stages in this with 10 levels each. Stage 1-1 and 1-2 serve as tutorials. There will be an onscreen guide that will tell you what to do. This will show you the basic game play, though the higher levels can be more challenging as they have more zombies that are tougher than the ones that you will encounter on the lower levels. New and more powerful plants will also be unlocked on different stages, which would come handy in battling the more powerful zombies. The peashooter is the very first plant that will be available. It is in fact the only plant available in stage 1-1. Once you have collected enough number of suns, the peashooter icon will be enabled on the slot. Click it and click on a spot where you want to place it in the lawn. The basic zombies are the first enemies that you will face on the first level of stage 1. They can easily be defeated by the peashooter so you will not have problems taking them down. Horde of zombies will attack at the end of each level. To prevent them from advancing, plant several peashooters to kill the zombies quickly. After completing the level, you will advance to the next level and so on.

Mini-Games Mode

This mode is unlocked after completing stage 3-2 in the adventure mode. There are various mini-games to choose from. If you want to take a break from your adventure, you can play the mini-games anytime. Here are some of them.


This mini game is like the basic adventure mode in which you need to lay plants strategically to take down the zombies. However, the twist is that instead of their usual heads, they have plants instead. They have the power of the specific plant and the usual zombie. For instance, a zombie with a peashooter as head will shoot peas while advancing to eat the plants that you lay.

Wall-nut Bowling

Kill zombies by bowling Explode-o-nuts and Wall-nuts as they approach.


Feed brains to snorkel zombies to collect 1000 sun and buy a trophy.

Puzzle Mode

This mode is unlocked after completing stage 4-6 of the adventure mode. There are two types of puzzles that you can play. However, you must complete all the stages in adventure mode to play all puzzles. The first puzzle is I, Zombie that comes with different levels. The goal is to place zombies strategically on the board to avoid the plants and reach the end of each row to eat the brains. The other puzzle mode is the Vasebreaker, which comes in various levels. As the term suggests, you will break vases to collect plants, which you will use in killing the hidden zombies.

Survival Mode

There are two difficulty levels in this mode; normal and hard. In normal mode, you need to survive five flags of zombies. Hard mode is a lot difficult as there are ten flags of zombies that you need to survive.