Plants vs Zombies 3

If you like a tower building game that has plants and zombies in it, Plants vs. Zombies is the one you should go for. Its creative concept is loved by people all around the world. Plants vs Zombies 3 is not yet available. You can only download the original version of the game at this moment. According to news, the developers are planning to release a sequel this year. But while the new version is not yet released, you may still enjoy hours of fun game play with the app’s first release.


Plants vs. Zombies is created by PopCap Games. In 2009, this game was born. It was originally designed for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The game has been widely accepted by different electronic companies to their fold. In 2010, an IOS version was released and it was made available for iPad. Also in the same year, the Xbox Live Arcade version was released.

It has new features that experienced gamers are looking for. A Nintendo DS version was also released in 2011. On February of 2011, the Playstation 3 version followed. An android version was released in May of 2011, which Amazon has exclusive rights to. Blackberry Playbook also joined in 2012 when a version for the platform was released.

There is also an update with the original game in Mac and Windows version that has won the game of the year award. Critics love the game and they gave it positive remarks. It was also nominated for Interactive Achievement Awards for multiple times. The musical score was also praised. There will be a sequel that is going to be released on June 30, 2013.

Discover The Concept

George Fan, the director of Plants vs. Zombies wants a game that experienced and casual gamers will not have a problem playing. He was able to create a tower defense using Insaniquarium and Warcraft III as an inspiration. He used plants as his tower because he wanted something new and refreshing to bring into his latest creation. He first thought of juggling to be the element of defense. However, it seems a bit challenging for new gamers to have to deal with these levels of defense. “Weedlings” was the first title that he thought he could use for his brand new game but the insertion of the tower defense changed the personality of the game.

He taught Laura Shigihara, his girlfriend to play Magic: The Gathering. He was inspired by the way the decks needed to be customized. He put seed packets in the game. He was supposed to put a conveyer belt but it made the game complex. The five lanes that he used for the game was inspired by Tapper. Many people from PopCap Games gave feedback during a meeting. It helped develop the game.

There are many similarities with the way Plants vs. Zombies was formed with Insaniquarium. The way the plants were received and chosen was patterned with the latter. Another inspiration came from Swiss Family Robinson, the film. The way the family defended themselves against pirates can be likened to the player protects his house. The Potato Mine was born. Fans love the idea of zombie stepping on the mine and blowing up.

Playing The Game

In the game, there are fungi and plants that you can plant to defend your house. These plants have different defensive or offensive capabilities that can help you stop or kill the zombies. You will see horizontal lines in front of your screen. A zombie will move forward to your house in one lane only. At first, your plants can only defend the lane where he is planted. As you level up in this game, you will be able to use plants that have the ability to attack zombies in other lanes. You can buy upgrades like rooftops or pools in later levels.

There are different layouts and levels that you will see in Plants vs. Zombies. At first, you will start in the front yard then move on to nighttime. The game gets harder as the level increases. There will be times when a pool is added and sun is scarce. You would have to use mushrooms to fight the zombies if you happen to reach this level. There will also be a pitch black level wherein lightning storms and specific plants are your only way to see the backyard. The final level is hard because you will face Dr. Zomboss. He operates a huge robot that can spell trouble for all your zombies.